Below are the answers to many frequently asked questions (FAQ). Please explore them to see if the information you need is included below. If you still need assistance, contact us at [email protected].
Automobile purchases and maintenance expenses represent a significant portion of everyone’s budget. In addition, the time spent shopping for and purchasing vehicles, as well as time spent receiving automotive-related service, can be significant. CAN lowers overall costs significantly and greatly reduces the time and energy spent on auto-related transactions. See the benefits page for more great reasons to be a member.
For a very few specific and predetermined reasons, a small number of new vehicles will not qualify for the CAN pricing standard of at least one dollar under the factory invoice. In situations where vehicles are on an existing waiting list, in limited production, are available by special order only, or are of a trim level specification of limited availability, CAN members will still receive a discount for which the average Joe would not qualify, but the vehicle will not be available for below-invoice pricing. Please see the list of vehicles that do not qualify below.


Champion Chevrolet Cadillac– Corvette & Cadillac Escalade

Gateway Ford Lincoln Mazda– Ford Focus RS, Shelby Mustang, Ford Raptor, & Lincoln Continental, 2017 Ford Super Duty Trucks

Wallace Kia Volkswagen Subaru (Bristol)– VW Golf R

Friendship Ford Volvo– Ford Focus RS, Shelby Mustang, Ford Raptor, Volvo XC90, Volvo S90

Johnson City Honda– Honda Pilot, Honda Ridgeline

Johnson City Toyota– Tacoma, 4Runner, Highlander, Land Cruiser

Wallace Volkswagen Subaru Mitsubishi (Johnson City)– VW Golf R

Friendship CJDR– Any SRT, Dodge Hellcat

There are two ways to become a Member of the Network. You can sign up through your employer OR if you are not receiving Membership through your place of employment, you can simply click the ‘Join’ icon on the home page and follow the instructions to join as an individual.

If you join through your employer, representatives from Network headquarters will be at your place of employment to enroll members at predetermined dates and times set by your employer.

If you join via the website as an individual, you will receive a member ID number as well as a user name and password so that you can begin enjoying the benefits of membership immediately.

Becoming a partner company with the Consumer Auto Network is a great way to provide a high value, low cost benefit to your employees. Contact a Network representative at [email protected] to schedule a meeting to discuss this great opportunity to give back to your team. For more information, check out our Sponsors page.
No. The network is very selective as to which dealers can participate. First, they must be fully committed to the process, a process that includes dedicating members of their staff to be Network representatives and offering products and services at Network-approved prices. Second, they must have the inventory and servicing capability to meet the commitment of service standard we demand for our members. Third, they must be located in the right geographic locations to be easily accessible to our members for sales and service convenience. Fourth, they must participate in frequent training and evaluation processes to insure our members are treated as promised.
All participating dealers are identified on the CAN website found here. There you will also find the contact information for the Network representatives in each store. You can communicate directly with those representatives directly through the My Dashboard Message center on your personal Member website.
It is very important that you let the dealership staff know that you are a CAN member. This will ensure that you are directed to the appropriate personnel upon your arrival. Setting an appointment through the My Dashboard tool on the member website will guarantee that you are recognized as a CAN member. When making an appointment over the phone, identify yourself as a CAN member so the in-store rep can anticipate your arrival. If you don’t set an appointment online or over the phone, request to speak with the CAN representative once you get to the store, and you will be directed to the appropriate personnel.
Waiting to join could cause you to miss out on the key advantages and protections built into the Consumer Auto Network for long-term members: greatly discounted service costs (for repair and maintenance), vehicle history tracking, favorable appointment-setting for service and sales, direct access to coaches for your auto-related questions, automated vehicle recall notifications,  emergency roadside assistance and towing, discounted body shop costs, and the convenience of having your entire automotive life organized and accessible in one place.
The Consumer Auto Network was created to streamline the entire process of purchasing a vehicle. We want our members to have a clearly defined process of how a visit to the dealership will unfold before they even show up. CAN representatives will sit down with you at the beginning of the appointment to go over what you can expect to happen during your visit.

If you have made your appointment through My Garage on your Member Dashboard, the CAN representative will be notified and will be expecting you at your appointment time.

If you didn’t set an appointment, that’s fine, too! Tell the person who greeted you that you are a member of the Consumer Auto Network, and they will direct you to the in-store representative. Your CAN rep will greet you and ask to see your member card. If you don’t have your member card, don’t worry! The CAN representative can verify your membership on the Network site.

In the event that a manufacturer offers discounts that beat the Network guarantee of at least a dollar under the factory invoice*, the dealership’s Network representative will ensure that the Member gets the best deal available. If the national incentives are in the best interest of the Member, the Member will be encouraged to take that route. The Member will still qualify to have his or her trade put up for My Trade Auction, and the service and parts discounts will apply for that vehicle as well. So in conclusion, your CAN representative will encourage you to take the route that will save you the most money.
In order for a dealer to participate in the Network, they have to agree to the Network pricing structure which includes guaranteed savings on all new vehicles and used cars. These prices are consistent among all dealers in the Network and are far below normal market pricing.  Your price at any Network dealership will be quoted based on the Network commitment, not on your ability to negotiate. In other words, the Network has already done the negotiation for you, and the dealers have agreed to a price their vehicles accordingly.
You can certainly use those services, but going through the Network saves you the time and hassle of endlessly surfing the internet and calling multiple dealerships to compare prices. You would also miss out on the key protections built into the Network for our members:
  • Discounted pricing on new and used vehicles (pre-negotiated below market norms)
  • No back-and-forth negotiation needed
  • The exclusive My Trade Auction to get top trade value for your trade-in
  • Sales or service experience guarantees, and much more.

The network is web-based and works with and through the dealer network. We just control and outline the process so that members will get the same consistently pleasant experience, regardless of which dealership they visit.

There are many ways to buy a car. Brokers do the negotiation for you, and either you, the dealer, or both pay for the transaction. In most cases, you are relying on an individual that you do not know to handle a very expensive transaction.

TrueCar has no affiliation with the dealer, yet the dealer pays TrueCar a fee when you purchase a vehicle from them. TrueCar does not guarantee you a fair price; it only compares your price to what other people are paying for similar cars in your area. With TrueCar, you remain at the mercy of the dealership and the people who work there, and there is no way to be sure that you are being treated fairly on the value of your trade. The My Trade Auction process protects you and maximizes your trade value every time.

Credit Unions want loans, and that’s why they offer buying services. To get their “deal” you have to finance with them, which may be an expensive mistake. You could also miss out on valuable manufacturer incentives by using external financing.

The Network offers the lowest prices offered in the market: lower than the broker that will charge you to find the car, lower than TrueCar that doesn’t even guarantee a fair price, and lower than the credit union that could cost you savings in financing incentives.  With CAN, there is no middle man keeping you from getting the best deal possible.

Many products are offered in the finance office of auto dealerships. Most finance offices offer extended service contracts or warranties, GAP insurance coverage, life insurance and disability insurance, and many more vehicle protection options.

The Network has reviewed and approved the product offerings to be presented to members. CAN members will see savings on the products and policies offered in the finance office.

Members also have direct access to a Finance coach through the Network. This coach is available to answer questions about the financing process and give advice about the best plan of action for the Member to take when financing a vehicle.

For new car purchases, the vehicle will be sold for at least a dollar under invoice* minus any factory rebates or incentives OR for the lowest advertised price from a manufacturer or dealer advertising campaign, whichever saves the customer the most money. For example, if a dealer or manufacturer is offering $10,000 off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of a new vehicle and that savings is greater than the CAN guarantee of at least a dollar below the invoice, the Member will be encouraged to purchase the vehicle in line with the campaign. In other words, CAN members cannot combine the offers to receive $10,000 off the CAN price of at least $1 under invoice.


2016 Ford F-150

MSRP: $42,900

Invoice: $39,881.07

Rebates: $3000

With CAN pricing:

CAN Sales price:    $39,880

Minus rebates       – $3000

Member price       $36,880 before tax

If there was a national campaign advertising $7000 off the MSRP of 2016 Ford F-150s, the pricing would work as follows: (Keep in mind that any advertisements usually include rebates)

MSRP:                  $42,900

Minus savings   –   $7000

Price                     $35,900

In this situation, the manufacturer or dealer is offering additional savings that could benefit the Member beyond the CAN savings. In this situation, the Member would be notified of the better savings opportunity and encouraged to go that route. The bottom line is that CAN members will get the best deal at every dealership every time.

The most frequently used benefit of the network is the service benefit. Automotive service is traditionally expensive and inconvenient. The Consumer Auto Network has worked with the dealers to lower costs for members, improve the service experience, and drastically reduce the time it takes to schedule and receive automotive service.

Dealers offer exclusive discounted pricing to CAN members that is far below normal rates. Members can conveniently schedule service appointments over the phone or online through their Member Dashboard. In the Member Dashboard, Members also have direct access to the CAN representatives in the store who insure that your service needs are met and performed on time with limited waiting. Representatives can also schedule substitute transportation for the Member’s convenience.

Being a CAN Member keeps you from bouncing around between individuals in a dealership, saving you time and hassle.

Yes they do! Any vehicle in your household automatically qualifies for the savings in the service and parts departments at any network dealer and any of the other affiliated benefits of the Network (roadside assistance, body shop discounts, etc.) To make the process easier and quicker, we recommend that you enter the information for all of your vehicles into the My Garage portion of the Member Dashboard. Doing so will ensure that you can make quick appointments at network dealerships, receive important recall notifications, as well as make trading those vehicles easier when it comes time to upgrade at a Network dealership.
CAN members never pay retail for anything. Due the size of our membership base, the dealers are able to offer special pricing on parts, accessories, and tires that are not available to the general public. Parts and accessories are 20% off the retail price for Members and tires will be sold to Members at the dealer’s actual cost.
The hours and hours spent searching and researching, shopping and dealing with salespeople, managers, operators, finance offices, etc. can take up a lot of time and a lot of patience. In the end, many consumers just give up and wind up paying too much and buying things they don’t need.

When members follow the CAN process, they totally bypass the unpleasant and time-consuming steps and delays inherent in the car buying process and instead follow a simplified path, guided by the in-store network representative. No back and forth negotiations, no fear of making a mistake—just a 90 minute process that brings the fun back to buying a car.

In service, appointments are made through the website from the My Garage page. Vehicle information and requested services are submitted to the dealership, and it’s all set up! Show up at the appointed time and your car will be started on in minutes, not hours. With CAN, an appointment IS an appointment. You will be kept informed and the repairs will be priced at CAN member pricing (far below the posted rates) saving you time and money.

My Garage is the member’s primary tool to manage everything from buying new or used vehicles, trading vehicles, storing service history, scheduling service, receiving recall notifications, getting trusted advice from our expert service coaches, and much more. By setting up the vehicles you own into My Garage, you are able to schedule sales and service appointments without the hassle of providing the same information over and over again every time you need something. The Network can then consolidate your vehicle information so that you have one quick and convenient place to access your important records.
Your prior vehicle history data will not be mined from outside sources, so there will not be historical data present in My Garage. Only the service records uploaded by Network dealers from the time of your enrollment will be present. You have the option to upload service history prior to your enrollment into My Garage if you desire. You can do this by opening My Garage, selecting the vehicle in question, and then select to Add a Service Record. Here you can input any notable service records that you deem pertinent to your service history and they will remain here for your convenient reference.
CAN memberships cover your entire household, so one membership will cover any vehicle parked in your driveway, as long as it is owned by someone at that address. Separate memberships will be required for a parent living across town or a kid with his or her apartment out of town. Considering that CAN saves the average member $5000 over the course of 5 years, a family with two vehicles could save over $10,000 over the same time period!

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