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From manufacturing to food service, colleges to hospitals, large retail stores to Mom and Pop shops, all types of organizations are looking for ways to offset the high cost of corporate benefits and to stop taking things away from employees. Membership in the Consumer Auto Network is a low cost way to GIVE SOMETHING BACK.

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Why should an organization sponsor or endorse membership for their employees in the Consumer Auto Network?

Every person’s life is impacted by the automobile one way or another, and most people have three common complaints: They hate buying a car, they fear paying too much, and they can’t understand why automotive service is so inconvenient and expensive.

The Consumer Auto Network is the Total Solution that solves every one of these issues. In fact, the Network will save the average customer $5000 over the course of his or her next ownership cycle.* With service repair costs at an all time high and increasing maintenance requirements, consumers need help in getting affordable service on their vehicles. Considering that the average household owns more than two vehicles, families could save $10,000 or more just by being a member of the network.

Members of the Network will pay less for new and used cars, get more for their trade-ins, pay less for extended warranties and other finance products and will pay significantly less for automotive service and maintenance.


Why not reward your employees with a high-value, low-cost benefit that will have a positive impact on their finances?

So how can your organization become a sponsor for your employees, partners, and team members?

There are 3 ways to become a member of the Consumer Auto Network:

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  • Join as an individual for you and your household;

  • Join through your employer after your company endorses the program;

  • Join automatically when your employer sponsors the program for all of its employees

CAN Corporate Partner Program

Corporate endorsement or sponsorship through the CAN Corporate Partner Program is an exceptional way for an organization to offer a unique benefit to its team. At a nominal cost per employee, a company can offer significant value to each team member with the following potential benefits:

Companies and organizations who sponsor or endorse the program for employees receive additional benefits for the enterprise:


Special fleet pricing on new and used vehicle purchases. 


Top priority in participating dealer service & maintenance scheduling


Full access to the CAN coaching staff for Service, Credit/Finance and Insurance questions


“Online & streamlined” scheduling process for maintenance and repairs of company vehicles

CAN 20/20

20% reduction in mechanical labor and parts pricing for company vehicles at all participating network dealers

Vehicle Management

Automatic recall notifications and maintenance tracking tool for all company vehicles

What does it cost to join CAN?

While the annual membership cost for individuals is $99, companies and employee groups may qualify for exclusive membership discounts, and enrollment is a breeze with the Network handling all of the details. Contact the Consumer Auto Network today for details on our CAN Corporate Partner Program.

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